JRstudioworks STORY

After completing a Masters in Architecture at Arizona State University, Jocelyn Ross joined Senior Rae Architecture + Art in Phoenix, an architectural office specializing in Public Arts projects and furniture design. Here, Ross worked in a broad spectrum of visual arts (monoprints, etchings, metal works, painting,  pottery and jewellery) as the architectural office shared space with other design-focused companies including a photographer, illustration artist, metal worker, cabinet maker and an interior designer. It was a collaborative and energizing environment where all projects were charged with a multidisciplinary approach.

This broad-focused creative experience shaped Ross’s philosophy and approach to art and architecture; in each project, spatial form, contextual harmony and human touch was key. Ross then moved into furniture design and architectural-element design at ToH Studio, a furniture company offering integrated architectural and interior design services. Ross headed up the architectural arm of the company and began a new relationship with a development in Loreto Bay, Baja California. Here, she took responsibility for the design and build of several custom home projects, including stewardship of all furniture and accessories—right down to placemats and utensils. Travelling from Scottsdale to Loreto for four years encouraged a distinct warm, southwest flavor in her work.

Ross moved back to Canada in 2011 where she started working for her father’s firm, William H. Ross Architect. Here, she took responsibility for industrial and commercial work—a huge learning curve in technology and application. While it was key for business development and professional growth, she longed for the more artistic and personal side of architecture that she’d nurtured in residential design. In September of 2015, Ross launched JRstudioworks with the sole intention to focus on residential architecture—with both residential design/build as well as smaller projects and renovations.

While practising architecture, she always harboured a passion for jewellery design and so when she fished out some vintage Martha Sturdy beads she’d once been gifted as well as semi-precious stones she carted back from India, she was inspired! Ross began creating collections of bracelets and wraps, which centre around silver, quartz crystals and a specific meaning and message for each piece as intentionality is important. “We need to take the time to reflect about life and what’s truly important despite the unknown—by unleashing positivity and unbridled passion, my creative side was rebooted. I couldn’t stop making, creating and designing.” And thus JRstudioworks jewellery was born.